BRIDGE Colombia An alliance to build long-lasting research collaborations to achieve biodiversity conservation and sustainable growth

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BRIDGE Colombia is a multidisciplinary network of researchers and organisations, mainly from Colombia and the UK, working to understand, promote, and preserve Colombia’s biodiversity with the ultimate goal of stimulating the economic and social growth in the country and region.

BRIDGE partners are working to build research capacity and human capital development in Colombia, stimulate partnerships between organisations in Colombia and with international partners, and promote exchange of knowledge with the goal of stimulating economic growth in Colombia.


Every year partners come together to facilitate research projects on a different theme

GROW Colombia

Preserving, restoring and managing Colombian biodiversity through responsible innovation

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Earth Biogenome Project - Colombia

Adding Colombia's indigenous wildlife to the global DNA inventory of planet Earth's biodiversity

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Colombian Cyberinfrastructure Consortium for Biodiversity: The potential for data to transform how we tackle many of our major challenges

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Bioeconomy Cluster

An economy based on biodiversity is the way to achieve sustainability, and social and economic prosperity

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"As well as being a source of wonder, the abundance of life in Colombia is essential to strengthen Colombian Institutions and to achieve economic growth and peace".

Federica Di Palma

BRIDGE Colombia Director



International Partners