Colombian Cyberinfrastructure Consortium for Biodiversity

The “C3Biodiversidad” consortium, created by 16 leading Colombian institutions with the support of Earlham Institute, BRIDGE Colombia, and GROW Colombia, will build capacity in research cyberinfrastructure in a country teeming with wildlife and biological information.

A scientific cyberinfrastructure is a “technological and sociological” ecosystem that facilitates research data services. With human skill and an advanced set of computational tools Colombia’s biodiversity is soon to be revealed in greater depth than ever before.

Stimulated by the consortium, the world’s second most megadiverse country will help drive the big data revolution.


Data-intensive scientific innovation

Improve the provisioning and availability of physical infrastructure

Skilled data analysts

Promote training in scientific data analysis for users and providers

A society involved in science

Secure the engagement of diverse stakeholders in research planning

Data supported decision-making

Influence and monitor a national policy for research data


Download the white paper Developing a Research Cyberinfrastructure in Colombia
Download the Policy Briefing: Developing a research cyberinfrastructure in Colombia
Read ``Colombia's cyberinfrastructure for biodiversity: Building data infrastructure in emerging countries to foster socioeconomic growth`` in Plants, People, Planet Journal

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