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Colombian Cyberinfrastructure Consortium for Biodiversity

A data revolution to drive economic growth in Colombia

A greater understanding of Colombia’s biodiversity is not only key to conserving and promoting it, but can also drive the economic growth, social equality and a sustainable peace in Colombia.

Over the next few years, enabled by the recent peace agreement, large amounts of data about the megafauna will be collected, and the capacity to share and analyse this information needs to keep pace with the vast wealth of information gleaned from these new explorations.

C3Biodiversidad aims to help producing the indispensable knowledge about the natural and agricultural biodiversity in Colombia needed to drive the growth of a bioeconomy in Colombia.

The potential for data to transform how we tackle many of the major challenges faced by humanity, from climate change and environmental sustainability to conservation and food security, is huge.

Profesora Federica Di Palma

BRIDGE Director

A Scientific Cyberinfrastructure for Biodiversity in Colombia

A scientific cyberinfrastructure is a “technological and sociological” ecosystem that facilitates research data services. A cyberinfrastructure not only consists of an advanced set of computational tools, but is also comprises people with the technical skills necessary to execute and share those tools and resources in a sustainable, secure and interoperable way.

A scientific cyberinfrastructure democratises equitable, fair, and coordinated access to computational resources and relevant scientific data sets. From its basic premise, a scientific cyberinfrastructure is designed to facilitate remote collaboration and virtual organisations. A research cyberinfrastructure enables data-driven scientific discovery, particularly supporting international collaborations flexibly across multiple institutes.

The internet and cloud computing is a very different model to the ‘servers under desks’ mentality that has been prevalent up until now. This brings new opportunities and abilities to analyse and share data, but without common infrastructure building blocks it is difficult to make the available resources greater than the sum of their parts.


Dr Rob Davey
Head of Research e-Infrastructure, Earlham Institute

Our Strategy

In order to develop and promote a scientific cyberinfrastructure in Colombia for the analysis of scientific data, C3biodiversidad has identified these priorities that the key institutions in the Colombian STI system need to develop in a coordinated and equitable manner:

About C3 Biodiversidad

C3Biodiversidad stands for “Consorcio Colombiano de Ciberinfraestructura para la Biodiversidad” (Colombian Cyberinfrastructure Consortium for Biodiversity). The consortium is open to any stakeholder interested in developing a research cyberinfrastructure in Colombia. It was created on 28 June 2018, in Bogotá, by a cohort of experts in the field.

Read C3Biodiversidad Declaration.