Earth Biogenome Project – Colombia

For the first time in history, it is possible to efficiently sequence the genomes of all known species, and to use genomics to help discover the remaining 80 to 90 percent of species that are currently hidden from science. The Earth BioGenome Project (EBP) aims to sequence, catalog and characterize the genomes of all of Earth’s eukaryotic biodiversity over a period of ten years.


To add Colombia’s indigenous wildlife to the global DNA inventory of planet Earth’s biodiversity, EBP’s Colombian chapter, part of Misión de Sabios, is working to establish the Colombian contribution to the global effort including the Darwin Tree of Life initiative. 10 species have been identified so far to start the sequencing work.

Next steps: Mobilising the BRIDGE Colombia network partners to help secure funding from international collaborators to sequence the genomes of 10 iconic Colombian species as a means of achieving more successful conservation impact.


Video: EBP - Colombia Launch

EBP - Colombia in the Mission of Experts Report (in Spanish)

Portada de presentación de EBP en el reporte de la Misión de sabios

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